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ITreMercanti-Murano Glass

Murano glass is popular all over the world for the imagination of its colors, the styles of construction and the uniqueness of its pearls. All jewelry I TRE MERCANTI are created entirely by hand with a rod of glass made on the island of Murano. The imperfections, air bubbles and variations make each unique and precious jewel ensuring the originality Made in Italy. For this reason, our collections may vary slightly from measurement or color from our catalog.

The original Murrina's glass is made from a glass tube made entirely by hand using a unique system known only on the island of Murano and consists of several steps and overlaps with the glass artisan methods exclusively. It 'an ancient technique that dates back to the early tenth century used exclusively on the island of Murano by master glassmakers of Murano; This type of processing is handed down from father to son for hundreds of years.

This is the only way to create the glass tube by repeating today as hundreds of years ago 'the same steps and the same craft system to produce a glass so unique and original in its genre. The murrine are also often referred to as "Millefiori".

I TRE MERCANTI guarantees that each of their products is entirely made of

Original Murano Glass

according to

Master Glassmakers Tradition.

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